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Borman talks Terminator Salvation

Plot details on the new film

Moritz Borman, producer of the forthcoming “Terminator Salvation : The Future Begins”, says Arnold Schwarzenegger will not appear in the film – not because he’s unavailable but – because his character from the first three films has not been “built” yet.

(If I were a guessing man, I’d say the plan might be to have Arnie’s character appear at the very end of the film – hence all this talk about getting the Governor to ‘cameo’).

“It’s convenient that he hasn’t been built at this point of the story, as Arnold has more important things to do right now, but that doesn’t mean he might not re-appear later in the trilogy,” Borman told Empire Magazine.

“He knows the material and is very supportive of what we’re doing. There might even be hints of his character in this one.”

Borman goes on to say that Schwarzenegger could potentially star in the next two films – at which time he won’t be Governing California anymore.

Apparently they’ve got another big name star lined up to co-star opposite Christian Bale in this one. Borman says he’s heard everyone from Sylvester Stallone to Vin Diesel mentioned but, “I can tell you that Vin Diesel is not somebody we’re currently talking to.” Hmmm. But what about Sly?

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