Battlestar Galactica : Razor [DVD]


By Ramius

Ron Moore – You are a cocktease! I love you man, but what’s with tonguing the goods and not letting the soaked package go wandering afterwards? Sure, it feels good regardless, but not overly satisfying. If I only wanted to go half-way, I wouldn’t have put on my lace underoos.

Its not as if we’re bumping uglies with “Battlestar Galactica” every week – in fact, it’s seemingly got a headache whenever we want a bit of it – if we were, maybe there wouldn’t be any need to complain about ‘Razor’, the series’ telemovie prequel. But since there seems to be only a dozen new episodes of TVs best series every year – and because of the strike, we could be waiting up to a year for new episodes!! – giving us an entertaining, but unnecessary story of someone not of the Galactica crew! over a two-hour block, feels a little bit of a jib. Or a jab. Whatever word I’m thinking of that starts with ‘J’.

Don’t get me wrong, I really enjoyed ”Razor’ but the Season 3 finale of ”Galactica” was so good that most of us had been looking for some kind of resolution for its cliffhanger (which involved a bunch of the Galactica crew revealed to be Cylons) – not the back-story of a fellow ship that went boom a year before. Interesting story, sure, and it�s very well written, performed and directed – like duh! – but what we really want is more Starbuck, more Apollo Daddy Vs. Apollo sonny, more answers about that awesome final few moments of the last season. (There are a few good spoilers pointing to future events in the telemovie though).

The “Razor” telemovie could easily have been slotted into the past season – it needn’t have been an event. Whenever these shows shift the focus from the central characters we’ve been watching all these years, to someone else (in this case Michelle Forbes- lesbo-captain of the Pegasus), you can’t help but lose a bit of interest because you’re not as invested in the lives and journeys of those people.

All beefs aside though – and granted my beef is probably not with creator Moore but with the Sci Fi Channel, who insist on holding back episodes of the show – this is an entertaining little movie. It’s just bad timing. We don’t really wanna see the Pegasus story at the moment- we wanna see how [name deleted] handles the fact that her other half [name deleted] is a mother-fuckin [type deleted]!

Since you won’t be seeing any ”Galactica” anytime soon though I suggest you get your wang tickled with ”Razor”. I think you’ll enjoy it – but I also think you’ll be groaning for more afterwards.


DVD extras include commentary, deleted scenes and featurettes. A good little buy.