New Nightmare on Elm Street coming!


The Camp Crystal Lake killer won’t be joining Freddy

Is Freddy Krueger returning to the big screen? And if so, will Robert Englund be the guy in the Mask and ratty Christmas jumper?

The first part of the question has been answered at least (and if Englund doesn’t get the call to return to Freddy, I’ll be starting up one of those online petitions and hitting you all up to digitally sign it!).

According to Bloody Disgusting, New Line Cinema has abandoned plans for a “Freddy vs. Jason” sequel and will instead chalk up another solo adventure for the teen-slaughtering demon.

By all indications, it’d seem this new “Elm Street” isn’t a remake either – phew! – and will simply be another addition to the previous “Elm Street” films – the last one being the critically acclaimed but un-box office friendly “Wes Craven’s New Nightmare”.

The studio had also been developing a prequel to “A Nightmare on Elm Street”, with John McNaughton (“Henry : Portrait of a Serial Killer”) attached to direct, which would’ve told the back-story of Fred Krueger’s fiery termination pre-dream killer – it’s no longer on the cards – for the time being, anyway.

Glad to hear Freddy’s returning… you can’t keep a good murdering prick down, hey!?