What Happens in Vegas [DVD]


By Clint Morris

What Happens in Vegas? Not a lot actually, only about a fifth of the film is set there, so if you’re looking for the next ‘’Vegas Vacation’’ or, er, ‘’Pink Cadillac’’, you’d be best paying a visit to the weekly shelf at your local video store rather than this new Cameron Diaz/Ashton Kutcher comedy.

If, however, you’re looking for a pleasant-enough way to pass the time – or have looked up the local theatre session times only to discover that ‘that good movie’ you wanted to see has already finished – and something that won’t hurt your brain, Winner, Winner! Chicken Dinner!

First things first; There’s one thing that always get me about there’s fluffy romantic comedies – just how unsuitable the leads are for one another. Cameron Diaz, with her Brigitte Nielsen-esque muscles and unmistakable laugh, and Ashton Kutcher, with his Frat Boy looks and personality, seem about as likely a couple as Tom Cruise and Brooke Shields. Not only is Diaz noticeably a couple of years older than Kutcher – of course, in real life, the age thing doesn’t worry the young actor at all; he’s married to Demi Moore – but she’s in a whole other league (One can only assume the writer’s strike was looming at the time and this was the best offer on the table for the “Gangs of New York” and “Invisible Circus” actress). There’s less Chemistry here than in the High School curriculum.

Still, if that’s the worst of it – the stars’ lack of chemistry – than we’ve gotten off rather well. Most no doubt expect something rather unfunny and juvenile from the cheesy-looking film, and though the film does at times act like a 5-year-old reciting bad jokes he/she heard from his/her father, proceedings are mostly fun and the storyline’s more engaging than a synopsis would project.

Two people (Diaz and Kutcher) discover they’ve gotten married following a night of wantonness in Vegas, with one of them winning a jackpot after playing the other’s quarter. The pair tries to undercut each other and get their hands on the money… falling in love along the way.

It’s nothing memorable, nor is it side-splittingly hilarious, but “What Happens in Vegas” is a passable leave-your-brain-at-the-door comedy that hits all the rom-com marks and will quite suffice those looking for a couple of hours break from the kids.


This single-disc release includes nothing to speak of, but there’s a 2-disc release that’s jam-packed with extras (including a digital copy of the film – the first for Australia, I believe?)