How She Move [DVD]


By Captain Cumquat

I’m treating this movie like two different entities entirely. Firstly, if you’re the type of moviegoer that yearns for an excellently crafted subtly acted character study, you should probably turn the page. The story here is a pretty thin tale about a med student hopeful Reya (freshman actress Rutina Wesley)who bombs the scholarship test so she needs to win the dance competition to pay for higher education (think 21 but with Steppin’ instead of Gamblin’.) Through her interactions with tough girl-soon-to-become best friend Michelle (Tre Armstrong) and a series of dance groups she joins, then bails from like a college freshman on yet another major, she makes peace with her past and valuable progress toward her future. The limp performances set against some equally bland sets starts one to ponder how she move outta my DVD player. But then again, I’m guessing the title “How She Move” doesn’t attract your average film auteur in the first place. So let’s get to the real meat of this movie – the dancing.

Steppin, for those of you who don’t know, is the current urban form of movement expression. It is what break dancing was to the 80’s but is done much more as a team sport with a few individual moments of solo focus. This movie was clearly constructed with just enough story to set it apart from a steppin documentary, but the dancing is the bulk of, and the best part of this movie. Not being an expert stepper myself, I can’t delve much into the technical critique of the dancing except to say, “Damn! I didn’t know someone could move like that.” and “Whoa, that was cool.” And all that hoppin set to very hip music – it’s almost enough to give this white boy some soul. In the dance scenes, much more attention has been paid to the visual pallet and spectacle that speaks to an MTV audience. I believe the youth dancing culture that this film is geared toward will very much enjoy this movie.

DVD extras include featurettes and the trailer.