Wahlberg talks Departed 2


Last Week – while we were awkwardly offline – word leaked that a prequel to “300” (yeah, the guys-in-undies romp released last year) was in early development. Apparently they’ve just got to iron out everybody’s contract – or was that ‘under wear’? – before Warner officially announce it.

You know what? I couldn’t care for a “300” follow-up. I’d much rather see a follow-up to the greatest gangster movie of the last ten years, “The Departed”.

A year or so back it was revealed that Mark Wahlberg was circling both a sequel, and a prequel, to the all-star Oscar favourite. There were even people putting pen to paper on them.

The actor-who-wishes-to-distance-himself-from-the-Marky-Mark-tag offered MTV an update on those films.

“They’re [still] developing it,” Wahlberg sighed. “If it can be better than the first, then great. I’ll be all for it. I’m not interested in going for the paycheck. I love ‘Godfather 2’ but, then again, I don’t like ‘Godfather 3.’”

Did I just hear someone yell out “Don’t hold your breath, Clint!”?