Michael J. Fox returning to TV!


Michael J. Fox – and I know this sounds like a chestnut, or some kind of bullshit answer because the guy isn’t well, and it’d a nice thing to award him the honour (not that it’s much of an honour – I’m sure he couldn’t give two shits about some downunder webmaster giving the thumbs up to “The Secret of My Success”) – is my favourite actor. He just is. Always has been (well, from “Family Ties” onwards anyway – couldn’t quite see the potential in “Midnight Madness”).

I own all his films (Yes, even “Life with Mikey” and “For Love or Money”!) and have watched them multiple times. I even own the soundtracks to his films. And don’t even get me started on “Family Ties” – I used to make my own VHS mix-tapes of Alex’s “best bits”; that’s how much I loved that shit. Heck, loved Fox.

When he left “Spin City” – remember the final episode? – it felt as if Mola Ram had ripped into my chest and pulled out my thumper himself. It hurt. It hurt to see a good man have to say goodbye to what he loves doing so much. Even more so because of the reasons behind his departure. (Hurt even worse to see what became of the show! Charlie Sheen and Heather Locklear? Fuck that! It went from “Entourage” to “Joey” in one episode!)

I’ve always hoped for two things when it comes to Fox : 1) most importantly, that he gets better 2) that one day he returns to either film or TV.

While movie roles might be a bit tough for him – a little more time-consuming; more punishing – seems Fox is feeling well enough to do some TV.

According to Kristin at E! Fox is in talks to join either “Rescue Me” or “Scrubs” – or both.

“An inside source close to the show confirms exclusively that Scrubs big wig Bill Lawrence has indeed been talking to his good friend MJF (they worked together on Spin City) about coming back to Scrubs this season for what could be Sacred Heart’s last hurrah. He last appeared in 2004 for two episodes as Dr. Kevin Casey.

Meanwhile, an FX insider says “there have been talks” between Fox and Rescue Me, but so far no deal has been reached. According to M.A., MJF would play a love interest for Tommy’s (Denis Leary’s) on-screen ex, Janet (Andrea Roth).”

Please let this be true. And if it is, please let it come off. Fox has been friends with Denis Leary for years – they’re both big hockey fans – so wouldn’t be surprised if “Rescue Me” is the show that snags him. First anyway.

I’ll sign off with some great Fox moments…