Lanter on Star Wars : The Clone Wars


“WarGames : The Dead Code” star Matt Lanter told Skiewed and Reviewed a little about his involvement in the upcoming “Star Wars : The Clone Wars” movie.

‘’I did an audition and it was very generic. I was told the character was called Starkiller and that he was a mix of a Han Solo and Luke Skywalker type. I did the audition and got the part and only then did I learn that it was for Star Wars and Anakin.

‘’This will be a very different Anakin than fans are used to as this is before he really started the dark spiral that was in the films.

‘’He is much more of a leader and hero in the film as well as a mentor and friend. He is a very likeable individual and I think the audience will see him in a new light, which is what George Lucas wanted , a tragic fall of a true hero.’’

Meantime, has heaps of clips and pics from the upcoming movie.