Evil Dead 4!


It could be just another case of super Sam playing with our Spidey Senses (he’s been talking about it for years, after all – – my first interview with the man, in 2002, even featured an ‘Evil Dead 4 possibility’ statement; that’s how many years Raimi has been repeating the line), but ya know, if he’s going to lie about starting work on an “Evil Dead 4” you’d think Raimi would be smart enough to save the bullshittery for post Comic-Con, right?

Comic Con audiences are unforgivable – If Raimi doesn’t deliver on his promise, those fellows will eat him alive next year (literally, the hot dogs are so overpriced at Comic Con – and those guys in Ghostbusters outfits need to eat) and won’t dare support no “Grudge 23” of his in the future (er, actually, I still remember going to the Comic Con panel for “Grudge 2” and there was so few people in the theater; I even sat next to Raimi, so that’s a bad example). If there’s one place you have to be up front with your audience, it’s Hall H at SDCC.

So, going by that, Sam Raimi is doing “Evil Dead 4”. In fact, he and his brother Ivan are working on the script this coming weekend!

Originally, Raimi was planning to remake the original “Evil Dead”, but when horror fans sneezed at the suggestion it was quickly dropped. Thank God.

Who wouldn’t love to see Bruce Campbell back as the Boomstick-yielding Ash!?

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