Three Paddle into sequel


Moviehole was informed this morning that Kristopher Turner (TVs “Instant Star”). Oliver James (“Raise your Voice”) and Rik Young (“Beowulf”) have completed work on a sequel to “Without a Paddle” (2004) a project we first announced back in April.

The direct-to-DVD follow-up to Steven Brill’s forgettable buddy-comedy, starring Seth Green, Dax Shepard and Matthew Lillard, is being produced by the Paramount Famous label. It fixes on a character named Zach, who promises an old dying woman that he’ll track down her long-lost granddaughter so they can unite before the woman fades away. He, and two others (Nigel and Ben) head off in search of the lost girl – and get up to all-the-expected hijinks along the way.

What’s most interesting about the project is who the director is – Ellory Elkayem, whose biggest claim to fame was helming the last two “Return of the Living Dead” movies, called the shots on it! Seems like an unlikely choice, don’t ya think!?

Thanks to ‘Oregon Gal’