No Clear and Present Danger


You know how Paramount’s theoretically developing a new Jack Ryan film with Sam Raimi? Well, someone forgot to get that in writing – and as of today, Raimi isn’t officially attached to anything.

‘’Paramount doesn’t have a deal with Raimi”, a reliable insider told us this morning.

Yep, no deal. The-home-of-the-Forrest-Gump-bench were quick to alert the trades that the “Spider-Man” director had been snapped up to bring the young analyst back to the screen, but not as quick to actually contract him to something. Obviously there’s been conversations, and maybe even some kind of verbal agreement, but Raimi isn’t bound to the film at all.

In addition, the new film still doesn’t have a director (it was likely that Raimi was only going to produce the thing – and still may, if the Melrose gang can put together a belated agreement for it). The studio was previously looking at Fernando Meirelles (“City of God”) but he’s no longer in their sights.

In addition, Paramount were developing “By Any Mean’s Necessary” as the next Ryan picture – but that’s no longer the case. They’ll be putting together a new story – well, the writer that’s eventually hired to pen the movie, will be putting together a story.

Oh, I didn’t tell you? There’s no writer on board yet either.

Don’t look for the new Jack Ryan film any time soon!