Paul from Spin City hits it big!


It was only going to be a matter of time….

Richard Kind, best known his role as the spazwit Paul on “Spin City”, has been cast as one of the two leads in the new Coen Bros’ movie.

Kind and Michael Stuhlbarg, a Tony-nominated actor with little experience in front of the cameras, will share the screen in “A Serious Man”, a black comedy pairing the duo as brothers.

Set in 1967, story centers on Larry Gopnik (Stuhlbarg), a Midwestern professor whose life begins to unravel when his wife sets out to leave him and his socially inept brother (Kind) won’t move out of the house.

Shooting is set to start at the beginning of next month in Minneapolis.

Though he’s appeared in a bevy of movies – including “Confessions of a Dangerous Mind” and “For Your Consideration” – this’d be the first major gig for 51-year-old Kind .