Cromwell Dying for espionage thriller


Oscar Nominated James Cromwell (”W”., ”L.A. Confidential”, ”Spiderman 3”) will star in director Justin Evans’ “A Lonely Place for Dying”.

Michael Wincott (“What Just Happened?”) is also joining the cast.

The 1972-set espionage/thriller tells the story of KGB defector Nikolai Dzerzhinksky’s attempt to buy his way into the US with information of CIA war crimes in Laos and Special Agent Robert Harper, who will stop at nothing to keep his mistakes a secret. The project is helmed by Justin Evans (writer, director, producer), Erin Kabusreiter (producer) and Catherine Doughty (writer) and will begin shooting on September 1st in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

“For me, the film is the story of a father who believes the sins of his past are behind him, and discovers that as his past is resurrected he must make the most difficult choices of his life if he is to survive.” said director, Justin Evans. “Although it is an espionage/action film it has more meat than a typical genre film. We place a heavy emphasis on fully developed characters. We’ve included amazing consultants throughout the filmmaking process as well.”

LTC Daniel “Dangerous Dan” Marvin, who headed Special Forces during the Vietnam War, is one of the project’s consultants. “Dangerous Dan has been involved since the earliest stages of the writing process.” said Justin Evans. “He helped ensure that every decision was absolutely authentic to how Green Berets and the CIA conducted missions during the Vietnam War.” An undisclosed CIA advisor and paramilitary consultant are also working on the project. “Some of our advisors remain to wish anonymous. We’re respecting their wishes until they choose otherwise. Their information has been invaluable. They’ve ensured that we depict the politics and conflicts within the CIA accurately. They’ve also made sure the subtle details from selecting the appropriate costumes to combat tactics are properly depicted” added Justin.

The film’s lead actors, Ross Marquand (Nikolai Dzerzhinksy) and Michael Scovotti (Robert Harper), have endured serious training for the film. Ross Marquand said “We’ve gone through four months of martial arts training. Even though this isn’t a martial arts film it is important that we can perform realistic combat sequences on screen. Our characters aren’t paper pushers. They’re field operatives, and our combat has to be authentic.” Justin Evans is particularly picky about martial arts. “I studied Bok-Fu for several years. Martial Arts was at the center of my adolescence. It shaped who I am. And, whenever I begin a project that will have hand-to-hand combat, I’m very picky about how the action will be depicted on screen. I don’t like body doubles. The actors need to do the stunts themselves whenever possible. Even if it isn’t a heavy kung-fu sequence, they need to deliver a punch or kick with the clean, no-nonsense grace that comes with training.”

James Cromwell will be playing Washington Post Editor-In-Chief Howard Simons. Michael Wincott will be playing CIA Project Manager Anthony Greenglass. “We’re thankful that both Mr. Cromwell and Mr. Wincott have agreed to join our cast.” said producer Erin Kabusreiter. “They’ve added so much to the film. We’re lucky to have them on our team.”