Pop star to Bring it On


Director Billie Woodruff (“Honey”, “Make it Happen”) will helm the latest installment in the seemingly never-ending “Bring it On” series.

“Bring it On Cinco” will star Christina Milian (“Pulse”, “Be Cool”) and Nikki SooHoo (“Stick It”).

Here’s the synopsis we were provided with :

Upset when her waitress mother marries a millionaire, Lina has to leave her award-winning cheerleading squad in East L.A. and move to her new stepdad’s Malibu mansion. A fish out of water in her affluent new surroundings, Lina takes on the seemingly impossible task of transforming her new school’s inept, second-string cheerleading squad, the Sea Lions, into a championship caliber team. Lina also finds a new romance with Evan Whitbourne, a wealthy white Malibu boy, but Evan’s bitchy sister Avery, a star cheerleader who views Lina as a dangerous upstart, seems determined to break up Lina and her brother and send Lina packing. But despite a series of seemingly insurmountable obstacles, Lina and her scrappy fellow cheerleaders may yet prevail at the upcoming Spirit Championships. And in the process, Lina may learn that she has more in common with her new classmates — and her new stepsister, Sky — than she had ever anticipated.

When you guys decide to do “Bring it On : Downunder” gimme a call, Okay!?