Robert Downey Jr takes on MasterMind


Update : Moviehole has since confirmed with a source at Dreamworks that Kyle Jefferson and Cameron Hood are NOT directing the film. They left the project months ago.

Man-of-the-moment Robert Downey Jr looks set to voice a character in Dreamworks Animation’s ‘’MasterMind’’, which is due out in November of 2010.

[Woman-of-the-moment] Tina Fey (“Baby Mama”) is also being touted to lend her lungs to the production, says EW.

Ben Stiller’s production company will produce the film, the story of a villain who loses his will to live after accidentally killing his archrival.

The best news of all this is that Cameron Hood and Kyle Jefferson (helmers of the acclaimed short “First Flight”), who I met at the Dreamworks compound a few years back (and even sat in on a screening of their short film with them), will direct the pic. I was aware that they were working on a feature – – just hadn’t heard it’d inched forward. Nice work, guys!