Where Diane Lane Dares Not Travel


You’ll recall a few weeks back that word got out of a “Streets of Fire” sequel, with original hero Michael Pare back in the saddle, and, er, Albert Pyun (“Kickboxer II”) calling the shots.

It sounded to me like the pic wasn’t so much a sequel as it was something that was inspired by Walter Hill’s 1984 actioner -and Pyun just happened to cast many cast members from it and in eerily similar roles to the ones they played in the Hill film. But more so, I couldn’t fathom why the studio – who owned the original? was it MGM? – would even let someone whose back catalogue consists mainly of cheesy B-grade martial-arts flicks and Van Damme vehicles make a sequel to one of their more popular VHS renters.

According to Pyun though, “Road to Hell” is indeed a sequel and Pare does indeed reprise his role from “Fire”, that of loner hero Cody. The main difference is, this film’s more of a horror pic – and, I’m assuming, will cost about a fifth of the original.

“An ex-soldier and now hunted killer, Cody is stranded when his jeep breaks down in the desert, on the road to Edge City,” the director tells Fangoria. “Edge City is where people who have crossed the line of darkness go to have their souls reborn. Cody is hunting for his lost love, the rock star Ellen Aim, believing she is the key to his redemption.”

In addition to Pare, Deborah Van Valkenburgh returns for the sequel – again playing Cody’s sister. She was ecstatic to work with Pyun on the film (and get paid at the same time, no doubt). “Albert is so imaginative; his mind overflows with ideas. I’m always interested in what he’s creating! Michael and I technically had no scenes together, but it was most definitely fun to spend time with him again! He looks great in the film, too, and delivers a gritty, grounded performance”, said the actress.

The film – which, not surprisingly considering it’s no-frills cast and crew is headed straight to DVD – is a real return to form for Pare, says Pyun. But of course he’s going to say that – he has a disc to sell!

(Having said that, I do like Pare. Always have. Thought Tom Berenger stole quite a few of his roles).