There’s enough Heroes in Gotham


“Heroes” star Milo Ventimiglia, in Australia at the moment promoting the new season of the show, tells Showbiz Spy he’d love to play Robin in one of Chris Nolan’s future “Batman” movies.

“I always thought I would make a great Robin. I would love to be Christian Bale’s sidekick in Batman”, says the actor. “Even when I was younger I never wanted to be Batman.”

“I have always wanted to be Robin. To this day I still think that would be pretty cool.”

Sure, he’d probably make a good Boy Wonder… fortunately, Nolan doesn’t intend on using Robin in his Bat-trilogy (the next is rumoured to be his last) remarking in interviews that the character is probably in a “crib” somewhere. In another Batman movie? Yeah, bring on Milo. In a sequel to “The Dark Knight”? Er, no thanks.

Robin’s a character that just doesn’t fit in this current Batman series. Bale’s Bruce Wayne would never want, let alone need, a sidekick- he just seems too proud for that. But more so, the character is symbolically camp – he’s never been portrayed as anything but a whiny teenager in tights. Ernest went to Camp, and look what happened to him!? Nobody wants Bale’s Batman to go all Gary Glitter. Not until Brett Ratner takes over the series anyway- that’ll be the point where we stop giving a shit what happens to it.

Meanwhile, those last two rumours – Cher as Catwoman, Johnny Depp as The Riddler – have, not surprisingly, been debunked over the last few days.