Indiana Jones and the 39 Clues


“Indiana Jones and the Carrier of the Liver Spots” twosome Jeff Nathanson (writer) and Steven Spielberg (director) will reunite for “The 39 Clues,” the upcoming Scholastic Media multiplatform adventure series that Spielberg is eyeing as a directing vehicle, says Variety.

“The 39 Clues” centers around the Cahills — the most powerful family the world has ever known. The source of its power is a mystery that can only be unraveled by assembling 39 clues hidden around the world throughout history. It’s aimed at the littlies – i.e. those without hair on the butt cheeks.

Rick Riordan’s “The Maze of Bones” — the first book in what is envisioned as a 10-tome series of “The 39 Clues” — hits shelves simultaneously in the U.S., U.K., Australia, New Zealand and Canada on Tuesday, the same day that an official online interactive game launches. The second book, Gordon Korman’s “One False Note,” will be published Dec. 2.

DreamWorks co-chair and CEO Stacey Snider praised Nathanson’s “great sense of adventure touched with humor and suspense.” She added that he provides “just the right recipe for our family film.”

Sounds like Spielberg’s in search of whatever-looks-like-it-has-the-potential-to-be-the-next-Harry-Potter. Good thinkin’