Pearce interested in Batman 3


In today’s edition of “I want to be in a Batman movie“, MTV chats to Australian actor Guy Pearce who says he’d be keen to visit Gotham City sometime in the future – under the right circumstances.

Its merely chit-chat, speculation and slow-news-day-filler, but Guy Pearce says he’d be keen to play ‘The Riddler’ in the next “Batman” film if – well, if The Riddler is even the villain they’re going to use in the next film, it’s only been rumoured that he is, nobody’s actually come out and said ‘Of course, we’re using ol’ Ed in the next one’-  Christopher Nolan directs.

Pearce worked with Nolan on one-of-the-best-films-of-the-90s “Memento” and would cherish the experience of working with the Brit filmmaker again.

“I have a lot of reluctance [in being in a superhero film]”, Pearce, who has knocked back offers to star in such films as “The Crow : City of Angels”, over the years, tells MTV. “But doing it with someone like Chris Nolan would certainly make it appealing”.

Pearce says he really enjoyed “The Dark Knight” – in particular Heath Ledger’s performance as The Joker.

On a side note, Pearce was rumoured to at one stage to be in the mix to play Harvey Dent in the film.

Meanwhile, Johnny Depp has dunked tar on the rumours that he’s already been asked to play ‘The Riddler’ in the upcoming third “Batman” film. Here’s the video to prove it :