Maguire and Raimi return for Spider-Man 4


A few months back Cinematical reported a rumour that Sony were considering shooting “Spider-Man 4” and “Spider-Man 5” back-to-back.

Seems that tidbit was more than just a “Web” rumour – geddit? Geddit?!! – with Nikki Fenke at Hollywood Deadline Daily licking it, stamping it and sending the rumour to the concrete factory.

Fenke reports that Sony have inked a deal with Sam Raimi and Tobey Maguire to return for the next film/s (Kirsten Dunst will probably be back too). Considering how reluctant they were to return for another – and I don’t blame ‘em, they saw that shitty “Spider-Man 3” too, right? – some mighty long carrots must’ve been dangled in front of the filmmaker and actor, respectively.

The site also mentions – or rather speculates, and wisely so – the possibility of Dylan Baker finally getting a chance to wear the scales of The Lizard in the next film.

The full report is here.