Richard Dreyfuss on Grass


I love Richard Dreyfuss. The man can do no wrong in my eyes (and that includes “Moon Over Parador”). Watched “Down and Out in Beverly Hills” again recently – wow, that’s a good movie. Such a fun pic. Dreyfuss is terrific in it. And what’s good about Dreyfuss in that film, is that he plays totally against type – he’s not the likeable charmer, he’s the sad-sack husband. But being versatile is something Dreyfuss has definitely proved himself capable of-  that’s definitely not the same guy in “Stakeout” that’s in “The American President” for instance. And in no way is that “Jaws” hero similar to the lovable old schmuck of “Once Around”.

Anyway, Dreyfuss is back – back with a Vengeance.

He’s just wrapped Oliver Stone’s “W” – in which he plays the juicy role of Dick Cheney – and now, according to The Hollywood Reporter, will join Susan Sarandon and Edward Norton for the new comedic thriller “Leaves of Grass”. Tim Blake Nelson (“The Incredible Hulk”) wrote the script and will direct.

Norton is portraying twin brothers, one an Ivy League philosophy professor, the other a small-time and brilliant marijuana grower. The professor is lured back to his Oklahoma hometown for a doomed scheme against a local drug lord (Dreyfuss) that unravels his life.

Sarandon plays the brothers’ eccentric mother, while J.J Abrams’ fave Keri Russell is in talks to play a love interest (of Norton’s, I assume, not Sarandon’s – though how interesting would that be!?).

The moderately-budgeted movie shoots later this month in Louisiana.