De Niro and Pacino eyeing third film together?


It’s been a long 13 years since we saw Robert De Niro and Al Pacino sharing the same scene, creating cinematic history. That was the awesome ‘Heat’ and this time round, it’s the so-so ‘Righteous Kill’. So, it’s me, Charley, here at the UK premiere seeing Hollywood heavyweight greats that are De Niro and Pacino in their cop-thriller team up, ‘Righteous Kill’.

Getting to speak with both Robert De Niro and Al Pacino very briefly was a dream come true.

Charley: It’s been 13 years since you and Al Pacino graced our screens together. Why has it taken so long, Sir?

Robert De Niro: It’s not that easy getting a project together. We wanted to do something before Heat.. Hopefully it won’t take as long to do another.

Charley: So you’re planning to work on more together?

Robert De Niro: I think we have one or two left in us.

The movie also co-stars Curtis Jackson, more widely known as 50 ‘Fiddy’ Cent. Jackson joined Pacino and De Niro a few times on the balcony of the Leicester Sqaure sited cinema to wave down at the crowds of fans who had come to catch a glimpse of their screen idols.

Pacino: Bob was on board this project first and they were looking for an actor to play the other cop. Bob said ‘well, how about Al’. I read the script and – liked the idea and..

Screams for ‘Al’ erupts from the sidelines of the red carpet, drowning out any questions and answers from reporters and stars.

The movie is out in the UK on 28th September.