The Nightmare Before Christmas : Collector’s Edition [DVD]


By Drew Turney

Like most people, I got sucked in by reading the video cover, which said ‘Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas’ before checking to discover that he just wrote it but didn’t direct it at all.

Promised as an animation extravaganza which it mostly was, it tells the story of a town of weird characters of Halloween Town and the magical doorways they find to other American holiday ‘towns’ like Christmastown.

Mayor Jack Skellington stumbles across Christmastown and, so smitten with the idea, he returns home to try to get the carious beats, ghosts and monsters of Halloweentown to try a similar thing.

The animation is great and worth seeing, but it’s essentially a kids movie.


Two-Discs worth of beautiful frickin’ extras! Featurettes, Commentaries, Burton’s short “Vincent”, A Poem by Burton narrated by Christopher Lee, a comprehensive making-of, trivia track. As I said, it is a kids movie at its core but that’s not to say it isn’t very well-done, and you’ll appreciate what’s gone into the making of the movie after you’ve seen some of the extras.

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Drew Turney
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