Lethal Weapon 5 hinges on Gibson


If Mel Gibson approves of Shane Black’s “Lethal Weapon 5” treatment the film is on, Producer Joel Silver tells Entertainment Weekly.

When reports surfaced this week that writer-director Shane Black (“Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang”) had signed on to direct Universal’s “Cold Warrior”, “Lethal” fans feared that the recently-rumoured fifth instalment would never come to pass. Silver tells the magazine the delay has nothing to do with Black’s new gig – they’re simply waiting for Mel Gibson to approve the treatment.

The site also reports that Black may end up directing the film. If he does, he’ll be taking over the reigns from Richard Donner who directed all four previous “Lethal Weapon” movies.

Though there’s no word on what Black’s story is about, the mag says it involves a couple of young New York Cops. Oh god, tell me it’s not one of these darn ‘Passing the Torch’ flicks!?