Bull Durham 2 confirmed!

The Durham Herald-Sun has confirmed reports – understandably excited that some money might be flowing back into the community they picked up the phone and started making calls – that a sequel to Ron Shelton’s “Bull Durham” is in the works.

Producer Thom Mount says a script is indeed in development and he hopes to be shooting between April and June of next year.
He said he plans to shoot in the Durham Bulls Athletic Park, but that he’s not sure he will use the historic Durham Athletic Park that was part of the original movie.

Because the script is still in development, Mount said he has no commitments from actors including the stars of the original movie — Kevin Costner, Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins. It’s likely Costner will return but it might take some art-twisting – he’s said in the past that a) he’s not a fan of sequels and b) he didn’t think “Bull Durham” needed one.