Tom heads to Warner Bros


Hot on the heels of their plans to bring Yogi Bear to the big screen, Warners have also announced their involvement in a ‘’Tom Thumb’’ movie. “Enchanted” director Kevin Lima will helm the film.
Like the “Yogi” flick, “Thumb” will be a CGI/live-action hybrid with the title character expected to be computer animated.

The movie, which could be fast-tracked by the studio, is said to be a fresh take that will explore the character’s origin story; the comedy-adventure is based on an original screenplay by “Saving Private Ryan” scribe Robert Rodat and will look at the heroism that a knight must summon after he is reduced to a pint size.

Tom Thumb is a British legend that dates as far back as the 1500s; the minuscule hero is known for getting himself into mischief in his parents’ home and eventually winding up in the castle of King Arthur.

There have been a number of big screen takes on the character over the years, including a live-action musical from MGM in 1958 and a darker animated BBC film in 1993.

The Hollywood Reporter has all the details