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Moviehole talks to the beautiful Mila Kunis (TVs “That 70’s Show”, “Forgetting Sarah Marshall”) about her role in the action-packed “Max Payne”. In this one-on-one interview, Gaynor Flynn learns about her weapons training, fitness regime and how she enjoyed working with the-artist-formerly-known-as-Marky-Mark.

Tell me about your character in Max Payne.

I play a character her name is Mona Stacks. She is an assassin and she loses her sister and she assumes Max Payne (Mark Wahlberg) was the one who was responsible for it. But he gets set up. So she goes on a spree to kill Max Payne and while doing so they both realize they’re looking for the same bad guy. And they kind of team up together and ultimately realize that you can’t save the dead and once a person is dead they’re gone and revenge doesn’t solve anything.

What training did you have to do for this role?

I had weapons training more so than anything. Like I can put MK5 together and apart and I can shoot a Colt evenly. I did that. I did a little bit of baton training.

Do you normally, work out and keep fit?

I do not work out at all. I go through phases. I’ll do Pilates for two months then I’ll get bored. A year later I’ll do yoga for two months then I’ll get bored. So no I’m not one of those work out fiends.

Did you discover anything about yourself while making this film?

Only that I can shoot a gun really well.

What’s Mark Wahlberg like to work with?

Mark is great. He’s a gentleman. He’s incredibly professional, he’s a family man, he loves his family. Its incredibly important to him, he’s an all round great guy and he’s an absolute pleasure to work with. He’s everything you want out of a co star.

You’ve become a pin up girl. How do you handle that?

I think its great and I appreciate it while its there but looks fade ultimately that’s the bottom line and I hope people start noticing me for something other than that.

What about your growing level of fame? How do you handle that?

I don’t think anything’s changed. I think people think its changed but it really hasn’t and if people want to admire me for my work then that’s awesome but I don’t think anything’s changed.

Well down the track it might, particularly after films like this come out.

You take it one day at a time. I mean so far I’m doing fine. I don’t’ let it get to me. It’s not something that’s important to me. I don’t put too much emphasis on it and as long as that stays as is, I think I’ll be fine. I think the only time there’s going to be a problem is when my opinion changes towards that. as long as it doesn’t’ stay important to me I’ll be okay. I mean who knows what’s going to happen. Who knows what’s going to happen tomorrow.

What do you like to do outside of acting?

I read a lot. I hang out with friends. I mean like any other person who has a normal nine to five. My version of nine to five is going to the set and then when I come home I do what every other normal person does. Whether that’s having a bath, or go to dinner with friends or watch TV I mean its really no different.

How often do you have to do in and do Family Guy?

I go in once every couple of weeks and we bank a bunch of episodes together and that’s about its, its not very intense at all.

What are you doing next?

Extract, Jason Bateman owns an extract factory and then a boy of his gets impaled in the genitals and I seduce the employee to sue the company for a $1 million. I play a pathological liar who’s a kleptomaniac. It’s really, really funny.

Do you get nervous when you get a role?

No I don’t get nervous. I get excited to work on a project that you’re excited about and passion about. You’re just excited to do something that makes you happy.

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