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First Quantum of Solace Reviews In!

First Quantum of Solace Reviews In!

I’m really looking forward to “Quantum of Solace” – and I can’t say that about too many movies this year. Yes, I was keen to see “The Dark Knight” – and it surpassed expectations! – and I was also intrigued – but ultimately disappointed; very disappointed – by “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull”, but there’s really only a couple of films I’d tumble down a flight of rock-hard stairs to see – and the 007 movie is probably atop of that list (just after “Beverly Hills Chihuahua” – no.1 for 2 weeks in the states? WTF?! When did taste leave the building?).

The BBC has just posted their review of the upcoming “Solace” and word is – it’s a lot of fun. That’s their opinion though…. a couple of other UK outlets weren’t as impressed.

But first, here’s what the BBC has to say…

In short, here’s the gist :

  • its about half-an-hour shorter than “Casino Royale”, so is a lot tighter a ride.
  • There are odd moments of uncertainty when the film tries to juggle Bond’s personal story with whatever the bad guy’s are up to
  • There are nods to Bond classic “Goldfinger”
  • Like “Royale”, it’s a very Raw Bond film – no gizmos or gadgets
  • It’s a very bleak film, a’la “Empire Strikes Back”
  • Olga Kurylenko, who plays a refreshingly different kind of female companion, does well as the Bond Girl
  • Gemma Arterton is superb in her brief role as an agent whom Bond encounters in Bolivia

The review is here

The Guardian weren’t as happy with the film with the reviewer stating that it wasn’t as exciting a film as “Casino Royale”.

‘’I was disappointed there was so little dialogue, flirtation and characterisation in this Bond: Forster and his writers Paul Haggis, Neal Purvis and Robert Wade clearly thought this sort of sissy nonsense has to be cut out in favour of explosions. Well, perhaps that is what Bond fans want (not this Bond fan, though). But I was also baffled that relatively little was made of the deliciously villainous Amalric: especially the final encounter.”

The full review from The Guardian is here

The Telegraph agrees that it lacks the narrative drive of the first film but stresses that it’ll still please – if only because of how good Craig is and how well staged the action sequences are.

‘’So, if Quantum of Solace lacks Casino Royale’s narrative drive, and is less than the sum of its parts, those parts are often terrific. See it for them, and see it for Craig’s fully-formed Bond: angry, icily unsentimental, and fleetingly borderline psychotic at the close.”

Their full review is here.

All-in-all, sounds like the film isn’t quite as good as “Casino Royale” but is still a good sequel… and far from a wet dog.

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