Clear and Present Dent?


So Harrison Ford apparently won’t be getting another look in as Jack Ryan.

Pity, I like him in the role.

But we’re told since this is a complete reboot of the series the studio wants someone new to play the literary hero.

Rumoured to be among the names on that wish list is Aaron Eckhart.

Eckhart’s a huge star now, what after his award-worthy turn as Harvey Dent in “The Dark Knight”, so not surprising to hear he’s being eyed for such big parts.

He hasn’t been offered the role – it’s merely a thought at this stage, but he’s a name that keeps popping up in relation to the part of Ryan, so someone over there obviously likes him.

There’s likely a bunch of other names on that wish-list too, but that’s one of them.

Who else can you see in the role of C.I.A agent Jack Ryan?

The oft-rumoured Ryan Gosling? What about Brad Pitt? Heck, George Clooney might even make an interesting Ryan.

The next Jack Ryan film, the first not to be based on a story by Tom Clancy, is being fast-tracked at Paramount. Producing are Mace Neufeld and Lorenzo di Bonaventura.