Jacobson on Centre Stage 3


In our exclusive interview with ”Centre Stage 2 : Turn it Up” director Steven Jacobson (an Aussie boy!) we asked whether a third film is a possibility – and whether or not it might actually pick up the adventures of Jody, the lovely blonde ballerina from the original 2000 film.

The Melbournian says he sees “no reason at all” why the character of Jody couldn’t return for the inevitable ”Centre Stage 3”.

“Australia is the first country to get [CS2], but after everyone else sees it, and people like it… I think we’d all like to do another one. I have some ideas but I won’t give them away at this point.”

The filmmaker said he didn’t think Jody should be a part of this latest pic, ”Centre Stage 2 : Turn it Up”.

“If it were a real direct sequel to the original, and just picked up after the last one, then yes, we would have followed Jody and the other characters into whatever they did next – after ballet school”, he says, adding a quick cameo from the character would’ve taken audiences out of this story. “We wanted to have the film set in the same world, but to tell a different story – and for people to invest themselves in this story”

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