Johnston to Captain Marvel flick


Joe Johnston (“Jurassic Park III”, “The Rocketeer”) will direct Marvel’s “Captain America” movie.

Yeah, I know, not the most obvious choice – and definitely not as known a name as Jon Favreau, director of “Iron Man”, or Kenneth Branagh, director of the upcoming “Thor”. But, ya know, I think Johnston’s spent enough time around the big fluffy Holiday blockbuster – he developed the ships for the “Star Wars” flicks and also worked on “Raiders” – to know what works and what doesn’t. And for what it’s worth, I think his film adaptation of the comic book “The Rocketeer” was highly underrated – it was actually quite a good film; probably just wasn’t enough in there for the ‘big kids’ as there were the ‘little kids’.

Johnston’s other credits include “Jurassic Park III” – which, for what it’s worth, wasn’t a bad sequel, “October Sky” – a terrific little drama; worth another look, and “The Wolfman”, out early next year.

“Captain America” will open May 6, 2011.