Conan : The Last Stand


No, it wasn’t a bad dream…. Brett Ratner really is the director Nu Image/Millennium and Lionsgate Films have settled on to bring “Conan” back to the big screen.

Yes, shocking, I know – I can’t even begin to imagine how bad this thing is going to be!

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Ratner (“Rush Hour”, “X-Men : The Last Stand”) will first shoot his “Beverly Hills Cop 4″ (I remain optimistic, but I know too well how that’s going to turn out – imagine ”Norbit” crossed with ”Metro”).

Millennium’s Avi Lerner says the new hardcore R-rated “Conan” reboot – I’ll believe it when I see it – will open “on the battlefield where Conan is born and tells the origin story that sets the stage for what will be the first of multiple films”.

“This is a coup for Millennium Films and proves that our choice of projects and material is attracting much higher-profile directors and actors.”