Rob Schneider on his upcoming projects


Caught up with the always entertaining Rob Schneider yesterday, in town to promote his upcoming comedy ”Big Stan”, who shed some light on what’s coming up next :

The Chosen One
Would’ve been Schneider’s next movie – but they ran out of money. ”We need three million more bucks. We’ll get it – it just may take a while. I’ll finish it. Here’s how I look at it – just knowing Hollywood can destroy its most prized talent, like Orson Welles or Montgomery Clift, they can definitely destroy Rob Schneider. It was our own fuck up – we should never have started the movie if we knew we couldn’t finish it. But something good will come from it. Or it’ll just be what it is. You have to let go of your expectations and dreams sometimes.”

The Last Man
”I wrote a movie called The Last Man, which is about the last man on earth. He’s a homeless guy and he ends up being the last guy. It’s a good little movie”.

American Virgin
”I just finished a movie called American Virgin, which was called Virgin on Bourbon Street”, explains the comic. I also worked with a female director on American Virgin – Claire Kilner. It’s about a girl who takes a vow of chastity and goes off to university and ends up at one of those girls-gone-wild parties and then she’s got to get the video-tape back. It’s a nice movie. I play the bad guy in it – a horrible asshole! Just this sleazy bastard guy! And I had a ball! I talked to the director for seven months about this movie and expressed how I wanted the bad guy to have a reason for being this way, or something that makes him human. It ended up being great. It’s a shocking little movie and she’s a terrific director.” His co-stars? ”Jenna Dewan from Step Up, Brianna Davis – who is the lovely little actress, and Bo Burnham, who plays my sidekick, is like this internet phenomenon – he gets like 6 million hits a month on the stuff he does. It used to be that I was the young guy working with the old guys, but now I’m the old guy, so it was cool that they were all looking at me. I want to do that again. There was great energy on this film – they’re all happy to be there; it was great to be around that. I wanted to be as excited as they were – which is a challenge, forty movies in. I loved being the bad guy – but as I said, it has to come from some place, not just be shitty behaviour.”

Upcoming Sandler Projects
”I play an Indian in Bedtime Stories”, Schneider says of the Christmas release. ”I wonder if he can come up with any more?”
Sandler is writing a movie called ”The Lake House”, ”which is kind of like his Big Chill”, explains Schneider. ”He’s a really lovely writer. He’s the guy who really wrote a lot of the nice scenes in Click. He’s putting his mark on the next movie. And it’s for him and his buddies who he’s been with for years. He’s writing this closer to the bone”.
Sandler has also written a role for Schneider in ”Born to be a Star” – which is about a guy who discovers his parents are in the porn industry. “But the role scares the shit out of me! So, for that reason, I might do it. I’d play the director. If you take away all the stuff about pornography, the movie’s really talking about myself – it’s about acting, it’s about life. It’s funny, when someone knows you so well they get into your psyche, it’s a little scary’.

Stolen Hearts
This is a drama, says Schneider. It’s something very different for him. “…which Michael Phillips is directing in Europe and I’m leaving in January”.

Deuce Bigalow 3
Never happening. The franchise is “done”, says the actor. With the first sequel he was “chasing a movie to chase a hit… or chasing fumes. It worked before so we thought the sequel might work. If you’re lucky to capture a little bit of magic it’s like capturing lightning in a jug. To try and recapture that is foolish. That to me, artistically and financially – the studio made like a behemoth amount out of the first one, like $350 million dollars – was such a good lesson. I was kinda relieved when it didn’t hit big because it meant I’ll never have to do it again. I don’t want to be that guy. I don’t want to be that guy on every July 4th – like Will Smith”.

Big Stan 2
There’s a possibility there, says Schneider. ”I don’t know – that’s a lot of work to get back into shape for that. But you know what? I think David (Carradine) would want to do it. I think that one you could have a sequel to – but let’s see the response around the world first for the first one. It has to be called for. You know, I think there are some movies, but very few, that I think ‘you know, a sequel to that would be good’. Clousea, for instance, in The Pink Panther was just a smaller supporting role but Blake Edwards realized that’s where they money was so they used him in the sequels. That’s valid. You know, if it’s an interesting idea, we’ll see. We’ll think about it. Its part of the real world, this movie, as opposed to those man-whores, so that might be deciding factor as to whether or not a sequel will happen.”

Inglorious Basterds
Schneider also mentioned he’d talked to Quentin Tarantino about Inglorious Bastards.  “I called him up about Inglorious Basterds but there was really nothing I was right for in it at the time. He actually read the first 45 pages to me in his screening room. He said there might be a part for me that I’d be good for. Ya know, if it happens, it happens – I can’t live my life waiting for someone to give me a role…. So I write them myself and produce the movies myself. So yeah, if it happens it happens, but I’d love to work with him. He has such a great energy.