Amick talks Enemy Axing


Beautiful “My Own Worst Enemy” (and one-time “Twin Peaks”) star Madchen Amick tells The New York Daily News that she’s bewildered why the series, in which she plays Christian Slater’s wife, has been axed.

“The thing that’s so frustrating to me is that we were a hit if you take into account Internet numbers, TiVo, DVR – these Nielsen ratings they’re going by are archaic,” Amick told the paper. “It would be one thing if America just didn’t get it or it wasn’t that great of a show, but fans were excited and were watching – it had a great following.”

Amick, who played Shelley Johnson on 90s hit “Twin Peaks”, said the cast is assuming it was canceled largely because it was an expensive show to make.

“We’ve all been speculating a little bit about our high budget as well,” Amick said. “Our numbers came in from the first episode and we were huge, but I think it’s hard times for everybody, and they probably just don’t have enough in the budget to believe in a show that cost that much.”

All is not lost for Amick – she’s also moonlighting over on “Californication” this season.