Alexander offered Jonah Hex


Lexi Alexander (whose “Punisher : War Zone” was screened to the media last night in Hollywood – and fuck me silly, some actually enjoyed it! Check out Devin’s review at CHUD, for instance) has been approached to direct “Jonah Hex”, the horror-western starring Josh Brolin.

IGN Movies reported this evening :

By her own admission, she is only one of several filmmakers under consideration to helm the DC Comics adaptation now that Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor have parted ways with the project.
She’s currently reading the script that Neveldine and Taylor wrote, and is most intrigued by the prospect of possibly working with Josh Brolin, who is attached to play the gunslinging title character.

Jonah Hex is a fictional comic-book cowboy whose right side of his face is distinctly scarred.