Twilight director fired from sequel!?


Has Catherine Hardwicke been fired from the “Twilight” sequel?

According to Nikki Fenke at Deadline Hollywood Daily Summit Entertainment has removed Fenke from “New Moon” – the next in the tweenage-vampire-love-story series – because, well, in a matter of words, she doesn’t like to take it lying down.

Says the site :

‘The word from inside Summit is that Hardwicke, the acclaimed Thirteen director, “was ‘difficult’ and ‘irrational’ during the making of Twilight,” one insider explains to me. “That doesn’t mean anything when you’re talking about a filmmaker because they all are, but still…” (Indeed, Joe Roth and Sony kept saying those things about Julie Taymor on Across The Universe. Yet she made a cult classic and is now directing Marvel/Sony’s Spider-Man for Broadway.) From another of my sources, “Summit didn’t like her. They’re saying the DP [director of photography] Elliot Davis is the one responsible for the film’s sumptuous visual look, that the editor Nancy Richardson had to save the film in post-production, and Summit thought Hardwicke’s [CAA] agent Beth Swofford was alternately ineffectual and hysterical [when it came to controlling her client].”

Variety (neglecting to source Nikki as the original scoopster) added, “The problem that stalled negotiations was that Hardwicke had strong opinions about what to do with the next installment, and so did Summit. The debate was how to focus the adaptation of the second book, which deals more with werewolves than vampires, as well as Bella’s long depression after her vampire lover leaves her. One issue will be how to get more of teen heartthrob Rob Pattinson (whose character Edward only appears briefly in this one) into the film”

Whatever Hardwicke stood her ground over… she didn’t deserve this. Her name is now mud thanks to Summit. And look how much fucking money she bought in this past weekend on the film!? Crazy so-and-so’s!