Norrington flying with The Crow

I loathe remakes about as much as I do rectal exams, but when they’re done right – like say Scorsese’s “The Departed” or to a lesser extent, Rob Zombie’s “Halloween” – they can work. I will admit that.

But fuck, I’d hate to think the remake of “The Crow” will merely be a Xerox of the first film – if only because Alex Proyas’s original stands as such a loving tribute to its late, tragic star Brandon Lee. And, well, quite frankly, that original film stands up so bloody well it’d make no sense to merely duplicate it (not that that’s stopped a baker’s dozen other film remakes from getting the emerald light). The one thing that tells me it won’t be is that the guys behind the series, namely producer Jeff Most, love this series as much as we do. And I know they’d be the last person to take such a moment away from Lee. They want the best for this franchise. And I think they’ll make sure it’s not so much a remake as it’ll be ‘another interpretation’ of the underground comic book.

Directing the new version is “Blade” helmer Stephen Norrington, so it’s safe to say this thing’s going to look good. Norrington hasn’t helmed a filmed since Fox’s horrendous “League of Extraordinary Gentlemen” – and neither has its star Sean Connery – so the break may have even done him some good. He’ll ideally be refreshed, energized and bursting with ideas.

No word on who’ll play the new ‘Crow’ – but Jason Statham is said to be interested. Yeah… I don’t see it either.

Variety has the full-story..