Various News Items – 17/12/08


Hello folks,
Here’s what everybody else on the web is natting about today…

Bloody Disgusting says the core cast from “Halloween” (including Malcolm McDowell as Loomis and Tyler Mane as Michael Myers) will be back for Rob Zombie’s “H2”. The site also has a high-res look at the poster some of you may have spotted on the trade story for the pic yesterday.

– Devin Feraci at CHUD has seen the first 22-minutes of “Watchmen” and says its ”packed with details. Every frame seems to have something that lends depth to the world or background to the characters; there were elements in the opening scene that I missed the first time around and only caught here. This is definitely a movie that will have a high replay value, both for the uninitiated and the hardcore fan”.

– Paramount Pictures has set Harrison Ford and is negotiating with Rachel McAdams to star in “Morning Glory,” a comedy J.J. Abrams will produce. Roger Michell is set to direct. McAdams would play an aspiring news producer who tries to save a failing morning show by getting control of its feuding anchors. Ford will play one of the anchors, and the female thesp playing the other anchor will be set shortly.

– Marcel Sarmiento and Gadi Harel are attached to write and direct a remake of the Danish thriller “Murk”/”Mørke” for Gold Circle Films.”Mørke,” released in 2005, details a journalist’s investigation into his sister’s mysterious death on her wedding night and the whereabouts of her missing fiance.

– Tracy Morgan will star in and produce the comedy “Freshman Roommates” for Montecito and Paramount Pictures. TJ Miller (“Cloverfield”) will also star in the film that is inspired by the proliferation of email scams purporting to be sent by a Nigerian prince looking for help in accessing his fortune.

– Jack Black and Jessica Alba will guest-star on upcoming episodes of “The Office”. The Hollywood heavyweights will be the stars of bootlegged movie the Dunder Mifflin staff try to watch during the workday.

– Universal and “Pirates of the Caribbean” helmer Gore Verbinski have acquired a 2007 Wall Street Journal article they will use as the basis for a film about the online fantasy role-playing world and its detrimental impact on the real lives of players.

– Character actor Raymond J.Barry (“Born on the Fourth of July”, “Little Children”) will play Jack’s grandfather in upcoming episodes of “Lost”.

– New Regency has acquired “Mr. Romance,” a pitch for a comedy that will be helmed by “Four Christmases” director Seth Gordon. The pic will be a comedy about a cynical guy who is forced to enter the Mr. Romance competition to win back the love of his life. The competition, which finds hunks whose photos grace the bodice-ripping covers of romance novels, is a real event.

– The upcoming “Phantom” sequel isn’t so much a, er, sequel as it is a remake, according to the film’s writer. Tim Boyle tells Dark Horizons, “First up this is a REBOOT ala “Batman Begins” and NOT a sequel to Simon Wincer’s 1996 feature film as has been previously reported”, says Garth. “There are two main villians in this – one from the comic, the other an original but as to which ones they can’t be disclosed for now. The Phantom himself and Diana Walker will be in it of course,” and their kids too.

– “Delgo”, the the worst-opening film ever in wide release, may spawn a sequel. Creator Marc Adler tells Peach Buzz he’s still contemplating a follow-up to the Freddie Prinze Jr starring kids flick.

– Owen Wilson tells The National Post that he’s “eyeing a possible reunion with [Vince] Vaughn for another Wedding Crashers-type comedy.” A couple of years ago, the actors had suggested a sequel to the latter.