Stoller on upcoming projects


“Forgetting Sarah Marshall” director Nick Stoller updated Collider on a few of his upcoming projects, including the “Sarah Marshall” spin-off starring Russell Brand and Jonah Hill.

Get him to the Greek
Says Stoller, “It’s very exciting. We just came back from our first scout. We’re shooting the majority of the film in L.A. but we’re shooting also in Vegas, New York and London. So it’s the first Apatow international production which is exciting.”
The filmmaker adds, “The movie is going to be really big in scope like it’s very exciting to see different locations and to be kind of working on a bigger canvas, so that’s all very exciting.”
Stoller says some footage was shot from the MTV Music Awards of [host] Brand and some of the artists – including Katey Perry and Christina Aguilera.

Gulliver’s Travels
Stoller, whose writing the Jack Black-starring remake of the literary classic, says this one will be similar in tone to Rob Reiner’s “Princess Bride”. ”This is very much a Jack Black movie and I want to create a very specific-you know-tone and universe for it. I mean, you’re going to have the Lilliputians who are small and Jack Black who’s big, but to me I was looking at trying to create a “Princess Bride” kind of tone. So you’re in another universe. You’re in this fantasy universe. There’s a specific kind of language and way that they behave and a certain kind of chivalry and etiquette that’s different than our own but it’s all harking back to the political satire of 17th century England which is what Johnson Swift was writing about.”

The Muppet Movie
Stoller also talked about the next ‘Muppet’ movie that he and Jason Segel have been developing. ”You know we turned in a draft to Disney that they’re very excited about and Jason [Segel] and I are just waiting to hear. You know, we love our draft. We loved the Muppet movies, you know? We’re just trying to recreate the classic, you know, Muppet movies and waiting to hear back from Disney. I mean, Disney always has a lot of consideration to take into account when they make a movie. It’s not like we can just make “Sarah Marshall”. We don’t have to sell “Sarah Marshall” toys and “Sarah Marshall” clothes and “Sarah Marshall” rides and all of that so I think they have to figure things out on their side but I know that they’re happy with it and they’ve been great to work with.” Stoller says Segel would like to play one of the human characters in the film.