Cera holds-up Arrested Development movie?


Want to know why there’s no start date for this much-discussed “Arrested Development” movie?

Yeah me too, so how about we fire off an email to Andrew Rogers and Jim Hess. And who are they? Well they’re Michael Cera’s agents. And why would we be annoying them and not say, Jason Bateman or Jeffrey Tambor’s handlers? Because, well, Cera’s the only one who hasn’t officially committed to Ron Howard’s big-screen spin-off it seems.

Fancast had a chance to talk to Mitch Hurwitz, the creator and executive producer of the show, and asked whether there was any truth to the rumours that Michael Cera and Will Arnett weren’t too keen on doing the “Arrested Development” movie.

”I don’t want to talk about who is holding out right now because we might still work that out and I don’t want to pressure anyone through the press. Although I will say that Will Arnett is gung-ho, so there’s a big clue!”, Hurwitz says.

So, Michael Cera’s holding out, hey!? Well, look, as important as he may seem to the movie – I say if he doesn’t return, just drop the character. If the “Superbad” star’s involvement means the difference between an “Arrested Development” film and no “Arrested Development” film I say Hurtwiz shakes his hands, wishes him luck with whatever teen-indy flick he does next, and they walk away.

Hurwitz tells the aforementioned website that one of his ideas for the film is a prequel. In that case, you could probably afford to recast the character of George Michael – since Cera will be too old to play a younger version of the character. You could snag some ten-year-old to play the character. Just an idea.

But why do you think Cera isn’t keen? Personally, I say he’s just holding out for either more money or more screen-time.  Hurwitz mentions in the interview that the film will be reasonably low-budget, and I assume Cera’s agent/s aren’t happy with what the atcor would be paid for the film. Speculation, but it’s probably close.