Locklear and Show returning to Melrose?


Heather Locklear may be making a return to “Melrose Place”.

At the TCA press tour event at the Peach Pit (Kokomo Cafe in Los Angeles), those behind the upcoming reboot confirmed that some of the show’s original cast members could reprise their roles.

“Obviously, we’ve talked about Heather Locklear,” The CW’s Dawn Ostroff tells The Los Angeles Times. “When you talk about Melrose, that’s who you think about.”

Contrary to reports, Mark Schwan, the executive producer of the long-running “One Tree Hill,” will not be developing the new version of “Melrose Place” after all. The network is expected to announce who will be behind the “90210” spin-off shortly.

Ostroff says whoever it is, will be sticking closely to the original “Melrose” concept – before it got nutty, and Kimberly lost her hair. Or will they? “We’ve actually had that exact conversation,” she said. “Certainly I don’t think it’s people blowing up buildings in the beginning. Initially, you have to get invested in the characters, but I also think that it can’t be so so sleepy that not enough is going on. Our fans really love some of that heightened drama, as you can see when you watch ‘One Tree Hill’ and ‘Gossip Girl.’ So the job is both: to get them emotionally invested in the people and then do storylines that have twists and turns and surprises you never expected.”

“The pilot talked about the building being foreclosed on, people not having jobs,” she said. “So it’s interesting that it took place in a similar time, not that there’s anything really similar to what we’re going through, but it was a time when the economy was in a downturn. And the kids were all trying to get their lives started.”

The city itself would also play a bigger part in the new series. The original “wasn’t a show that tried to really capture the feeling of Melrose, which we think was an opportunity that we can really take advantage of,” Ostroff said. “We really envision the show being stylized, of having that feeling of Hollywood, of that whole cultural thing you really haven’t seen on TV.”

Meanwhile, Grant Show (last seen as the swingin’ Tom on the short-lived but brilliant CBS drama “Swingtown” – which the network has only now confirmed is a goner) says he’d be keen to reprise his role as Jake Hanson for the show – but only if he got to cozy up to Jennie Garth’s Kelly Taylor again.

“That would be the only angle that would be really interesting,” Show told E! Sunday at the In Style/Warner Bros. Golden Globes afterparty. “They never really explored that in enough depth.”