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Van Damme back as Timecop?

Van Damme back as Timecop?

Despite the fact that Dark Horse recently announced they were planning on rebooting the film series – rather than continuing the adventures of the Belgium-fluent hero of the previous film – Jean Claude Van Damme says he’s considering doing a sequel to his ”Timecop”.

UK reader ‘Samuelson’ tells us the actor was on British radio promoting “J.C.V.D” and mentioned he’s considering several sequels (“Bloodsport 2″ being the one closest to coming to fruition; didn’t that die years ago though?) one of which is a direct follow-up to Universal’s ”Timecop” (one of JC’s highest grossers; I believe it pocketed around the $100M mark). Now whether there’s actually been any contact between Universal and Van Damme, or whether Van Damme means he’s simply interested in doing a sequel to that particular film when he says he’s ‘considering’ it, I dunno.

There’s actually already been a sequel to Van Damme’s ”Timecop” – though it’s doubtful many of you know of it, or even saw it – if you wanna be technical. Titled ”Timecop : The Berlin Decision”, it had Jason Scott Lee filling the void of Van Damme’s time-traveling agent Max Walker, as he chased that sneaky-son-of-a-bitch from ”The Karate Kid Part III” through the years. Wasn’t a bad flick, for something that premiered exclusively in loungerooms, but it wasn’t a shade on Peter Hyams’ original flick – that was actually pretty darn good, dare I say, one of Van Damme’s best.

In October of 2007, Dark Horrse announced they’d be doing another ”TimeCop” movie – one without any correlation to the Van Damme flick. They were even apparently even in talks with an unnamed A-lister to headline.

Little’s been said about the project since then… is it possible that that it has been abandoned in favour of a Van Damme-starring sequel? I suppose the big guy is riding the comeback conveyor belt at the moment, what with his amazing turn in “J.C.V.D” and his return to the “Universal Soldier” franchise, but considering the opportunity that lies with rebooting the series and casting someone a little more universally appealing (and bankable) in the lead, like Gerard Butler or Jason Statham, such a decision would leave heads bleeding from severe scratching. Still, would I see a Van Damme-headlined “Timecop 2”? Yeah, I actually would.

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