Malone in Cabin, Freddy in Chicago!


Our corn-syrup luvin’ pals at Bloody Disgusting have a couple of good scoops today…

Firstly, they’ve got wind that Jena Malone (“Stepmom”, “Into the Wild”) has snagged the female lead in Drew Goddard’s “Cabin in the Woods”. There’s little-to-no information available on the pic, co-written by Goddard and J.J Abrams, but it’s supposed to be a throwback to those ‘something in the woods’ movies – in other words expect either “Evil Dead”, “Friday the 13th” or “Cabin Fever”. More on this here.

The site also discovered today that the “Nightmare on Elm Street” remake could be shooting as early as April/May – in Chicago. Producers also confirmed their interest (well, of course) in sequelizing their current “Friday the 13th” remake – indicating they’d like to bring Derek Mears back for it. As for whether Freddy and Jason will ever team up again? Unlikely. Producer Brad Fuller explains, “I just don’t have a handle on how we’d do that movie. I don’t know exactly what Freddy [Krueger] is going to be yet, and until I know what Freddy is I can’t commit until I know who is playing Freddy and how that pans out. But we haven’t thought about that at all. This is the first time I’ve thought about it at all.”
For more on the future of the “Friday” franchise, click here.