McG confirms Arnold Cameo?


Speaking at the NYCC, “Terminator Salvation” director McG confirmed Arnold Schwarzenegger’s involvement (not that it’ll require Arnold to do anything more than to look into a pair of those immobile spec set-ups like in “The Sixth Sense” so someone can replicate him) in the upcoming $200m movie sequel.

Io9 have a video of McG answering the ‘Will Arnold be in the movie or not?’ question.

“The T-800 plays a big part in this movie”, the filmmaker says, adding that they’re trying to recreate a young ‘Schwarzenegger’, via visual effects, for the film. “We’ve been heading up to ILM in San Francisco to address this very issue. I don’t want today’s Arnold – I want [younger] Arnold, when he tormented Bill Paxton [in the first five minutes of “The Terminator”] and we will see what we can do about that”.

So yes, sounds like we will see some version of Schwarzenegger in the film – – – depending on how successful the geniuses at ILM are.

The site also reports seeing a sizzle reel of footage from the film. Among new scenes seen were clips of Michael Ironside, who plays the leader of the resistance.

”Ironside plays the the actual leader of the resistance, and someone who’s sick of dealing with John “Promised Savior” Connor” says the site. ”In the reel, JC is yelling at Ironside to stop the big attack that the resistance is planning. Plus, he tells him all about how Skynet is gather up humans for “R and D” and learning how to replicate human tissue. Oh yeah, and we’re all doomed and all that jazz. What I really love about all of these edited clips are the fact that still no one believes the Connors, even though you think they would (after all the things they’ve been through). Then again, who’s going to listen to some foot soldier with an (allegedly) lunatic mom?”