Winstead as Ramona Pic!


I spoke to Mary Elizabeth Winstead (for forgettable dance flick “Make it Happen”) about a week before she was due to start on Edgar Wright’s “Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World” (an action/comedy, based on a rather popular comic-book (aren’t they all?), and starring Michael Cera in the lead role of a slacker whose forced to defeat the seven ex-girlfriends of one particular broad (Winstead) if he wants to share her gum). Based on some of the jokes she and the “Hot Fuzz” director had been sharing – she told me a couple; he also relentlessly teased about Bruce Willis’s hair, or lack of, in the last “Die Hard” flick, in which she played Lucy, the lead hero’s tweenage daughter – it was clear that actress and director already had a good rapport. And Winstead seemed genuinely excited about the movie – using words like ‘cool’ and ‘awesome’ to describe elements of the production, like say the strenuous martial-arts schedule she’d been forced to undertake, that other actresses may cringe about doing. This was the ultimate role for her.

I’ve never read the Scott Pilgrim comic, nor have I even image googled for the comic artwork, so I’d had no idea what kind of character Winstead’s Ramona Flowers was. I only assumed she’d be a hottie (like duh!) – and judging from the martial arts training, a kick-ass one of that!

Well, Wright’s revealed (well, kinda – she’s covering part of her face with the comic) via his MySpace page a pic of Winstead, cropped hair and all, in the role. She looks pretty funky! And those eyes…. Wow!