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Freddy likes Little Children

Jackie Earle Haley is the best thing in ”Watchmen”. His Rorschach rocks. But is he Freddy Krueger?

Hmmm… Maybe. Maybe.

As much as I hate to admit it – I so love Robert Englund in the role, and quite frankly, don’t think I’ll ever get used to seeing someone else in the Christmas Jumper – the Oscar Nominated Actor may just work, if even in a ‘If they fuckin’ have to remake it, at least they’ve got a good Freddy II” sense. I suppose he even has a great face for the job. And if you saw his turn in “Little Children”, you’ll know he’s got the ‘creepy’ thing down pat.I’m still not convinced the film needs to be, or that it’ll even be good (and doesn’t help that captain VH1 is directing), but at least there’ll be one less thing to complain about come 2010.

Latino Review are the ones reporting the rumour that Haley, nominated for one of those golden things for his role as the pedophile in the brilliant “Little Children”, is up for the role in Samuel Bayer’s “Nightmare on Elm Street” remake. Those guys are usually on the money, so wouldn’t at all be surprised if negotiations are underway.

Shock Til You Drop heard from producer Brad Fuller who denied the report, saying they’re yet to choose a Freddy, but that doesn’t mean it’s not true. Wouldn’t be the first time someone’s let the cat out of the bag before the clan could get across the Highway. Guess we’ll see..

I’m yet to see a bad performance from Haley – even his turn in the turd “All The King’s Men” was gold -so I don’t doubt he’ll do something interesting with the clawed fingers…. if it’s true.

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