Two Flash contenders emerge?


Sounds like some sexless twot’s idea of a joke, but Screen Rant have received an email from someone suggesting Doogie Howser might be cinema’s next big-screen superhero.

The openly-flamboyant Harris (“How I Met Your Mother”) voiced ‘The Flash’ in “Justice League : The New Frontier” and now, according to the tipster, is one of two young actors being considered for the forthcoming live-action version.

Suddenly that “Justice League” incarnation of the character, ya know, with Adam Brody (“The OC”) in the role of the red-runner, sounds pretty good doesn’t it?

Harris? Um… yeah. Right.

Granted, the second guy that’s apparently up for the role might work….

Scott Porter, best known as wheelchair-bound jock Jason Street on “Friday Night Lights”, had previously tested for the part when George Miller was looking to fill the role in “Justice League”. And I think he has a good look. I could definitely see him in the role. According to ThinkMcFlyThink, The WB have been keen to cast Porter, who was in “Speed Racer”, in a superhero film for quite some time. He not only came close to snagging a caped role in “Justice League”, but was also apparently one of the top contenders for “Superman Returns”.

“The Flash” will be penned by Dan Mazeau (“Jonny Quest”) and directed by Dave Dobkin (“Fred Claus”).