News on a real Van Damme sequel..


I don’t think those “Bloodsport 2” rumours will add up to match, if only because Jean Claude Van Damme doesn’t own the rights to the film and therefore can’t sequelize something he’s not approved to do (mainly, he can’t make another movie using the character name ‘Frank Dux’), but one thing ‘number 2’ we may see from The Muscles from Brussels is “Double Impact 2”.

Remember that one? “Double Impact”? Yes, he played Twins – one was a greasy-haired tough guy, the other was a Tennis Coach-looking softie. And I believe one of them (or was that a dream sequence?) got it on with the other’s big-breasted girlfriend on a boat?

Anyway, according to Van Damme Fan, Hyde Park Productions’ Ashok  Amritraj has teamed with Van Damme to reacquire the rights to the 1991 film from some bank that apparently owns them. If they’re successful, they’ll do a sequel. And if we’re lucky, that big-breasted chickie will return and maybe even ditch her top again…