Three new Scream films?


Scream Quadrilogy fansite Ghostface has let us know they’ve received a potential scoop about the next three “Scream” movies.

A scooper, assumingly someone with access to the William Morris Agency Intranet network, has taken a screengrab of that particular portals news page.

And this is what he allegedly screen-captured.

Kevin Williamson penning three new “Scream” films? Hmmm. First I’ve heard of it. Not that I’m bangning a Wesintein secretary and would be privvy to such information anyway…but still, it seems a little unlikely Bob and Harvey would be signing off on three new sequels – they’re scared to even release half of their horror films these days, let alone greenlight three-from-the-same-cloth at the same time. In addition, I’ve heard what a task it’s been for the Weinstein’s to even get Williamson back to write the recently-announced “Scream 4”. As far as I can gather, Williamson wasn’t that interested – but has since had his arm-twisted.

I’m going to check in and see if we can’t get some kind of confirmation or denial on this. Meantime, what do you guys think? Three new “Scream” films? Would Kevin Williamson really be thinking so far ahead? And what about this “Bedroom Window” remake?