More Hot Tub Time Machine Details!


So you’ll recall, a few hours back, I mentioned John Cusack returning to “Better Off Dead”/”One Crazy Summer” terrain with the potentially-amusing, “Hot Tub Time Machine”.

As most know, by night I moonlight as a caped Talent Manager. I just received the following details in my inbox (the one not marked ‘smart-ass Moviehole reviewer guy’) about a couple of spots producers are looking to fill in the movie. If you’re prepared to ditch your duds, this could be you!


Synopsis : Burned out 30-something best friends who’ve drifted apart since high school take a trip to Pine Valley Lodge, home of their most cherished teenage memories. There, they spill Russian Red Bull in a hot tub that sends them back to 1987 and gives them the opportunity to re-live their fun-loving past…

Tara : 18ish (MUST BE LEGAL 18) This beautiful teenage girl is Blaine’s girlfriend who hooks up with Nick. As he remembers it, they had sex in the hot tub, but during his second chance at 1987, he stops before they get that far…SUPPORTING . NUDITY REQUIRED.

Zoe : 19ish (MUST BE LEGAL 18) A knockout blonde first seen hanging around the lobby of Pine Valley Lodge, she brings Jacob and Lou up to her apartment and declares that she only has sex if it’s with two guys at once. As things are heating up, she leaves to take a call from her ailing mom. When Jacob bails, she has no interest in Lou…5 lines, 5 scenes. NUDITY REQUIRED.